2021 Committee Members

2021 Molly Fergusson Initiative committee members.

Camilla Thomson, Chair


I am a Chancellor's Fellow in Energy researching the environmental impacts of energy systems and technologies. I am continuing in my role as committee Chair, and am really excited about the ideas and energy that the new members are bringing to the Initiative.

Anna Garcia-Teruel, External Liaison Officer and Acting Vice-Chair


I am a research associate in offshore renewable energy working on the next generation of offshore wind technologies & on design optimisation of wave energy converters. I remain in the committee, as external liaison officer and acting vice-chair, to continue to support the network and visibility of women in the School.

Wei Su, External Liaison Officer


I am a research associate focusing on non-equilibrium gas dynamics and its applications. I am originally from China. I join the Molly Fergusson Initiative as an external liaison. I wish to contribute to establishing a supportive and inclusive environment for females, especially international students and researchers.

Karen Donaldson, Launch Event Co-ordinator


I am a research associate in the Soft Systems Group researching self-building modular robotic solutions for extreme environments. I love being part of the team and, as the launch coordinator, I look forward to our formal launch! As a woman in Engineering it is wonderful to celebrate and support other woman in or joining Engineering.

Peter Elrick, Events Co-ordinator


I am a first year PhD student within the Institute of Energy Systems researching into the vortex-induced vibrations of floating wind turbine power cables. I am excited to be a part of the Molly Fergusson Initiative and organising some stellar events with the rest of the team!

Cinzia Pusceddu, Events Co-ordinator


An educational technology professional, I joined MFI's Events team because I want to help increase the visibility of any working woman.

Tayebeh Ameri, Undergraduate Liaison Officer


I am a senior lecturer in Chemical Engineering working on emerging printed organic and perovskite photovoltaics and next generation IR-detectors. I join the Molly Fergusson Initiative as an undergraduate liaison officer. As a part of this team, I wish to contribute to improving the gender diversity of the School of Engineering, strongly supporting young female researchers in STEM to succeed in engineering and applied sciences.

Hannah Jones, Administrative Officer

I am a final year PhD student in the Institute of Materials and Processes researching the properties of recycled plastics. I think Molly Fergusson is a great initiative to build an inclusive platform for all within engineering and I am looking forward to our future events.

Maty Tall, Communications Officer

I am a Power Systems Engineer working at the intersection of the low-carbon energy transition, gender, and social inclusion. I enjoyed being part of the MFI committee as an MSc Student and I look forward to continue supporting it focusing mainly on our upcoming blog, stay tuned!

Leonardo Rios, Communications Officer


I am a Lecturer in Synthetic Biology and Biochemical Engineering focusing on microbial cell factories, open source bio-automation and bioprocess design. I am a strong advocate of the positive impact that diversity can bring into our research and teaching activities, and therefore I am glad to be able to contribute with the Molly Fergusson Initiative.

Ruby Marshall, Communications Officer


I am a PhD student studying the use of a soft robotic, vairable stiffness mechanism in a bioinspired underwater propulsor. I have joined the committee to help create a community to support women in engineering to make it more inclusive for all.

2021 Molly Fergusson Initiative committee members.
2021 Molly Fergusson Initiative committee members.